Words Denoting People Of Different Trades And Professions

We have got different names for persons following different trades and professions. A few are listed below.

  • People who drive our motorcars – Chauffeurs or drivers
  • People who make law for us – Legislators
  • People who keep our streets and drains clean – Scavengers
  • People who sell us vegetables – Green grocers
  • People who cell us spices, sugar, dried fruits etc. – Grocers
  • People who sell us cloth/garments – Drapers/ clothiers/ outfitters
  • People who sell us sweets – Confectioners
  • People who sell us tobacco – Tobacconists
  • People who mend shoes – Cobblers
  • People who deal in and prescribe glasses – Opticians
  • People who sell us writing materials, pens, pencils, notebooks etc. – Stationers
  • People who dig up coal and iron – Miners
  • People who take us across a stream or river in a boat – Ferrymen

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