Transformation Of A Simple Sentence Into A Complex Sentence | Class 8 Grammar Worksheet

We can transform a simple sentence into a complex sentence by expanding a word or phrase into a subordinate clause. Note that a subordinate clause can be an adjective clause, adverb clause or noun clause.

  • I know a clever girl. (This is a simple sentence because it has just one clause)
  • I know a girl who is clever. (This is a complex sentence)

We expanded the adjective phrase a clever girl into the adjective clause who is clever.

Another example is given below.

  • His suggestion proved helpful. (Simple sentnece)
  • What he suggested proved helpful. (Complex sentence)

We expanded the noun phrase his suggestion to the noun clause what he suggested.

More examples are given below.

  • She is too young to live on her own. (Simple sentence)
  • She is so young that she cannot live on her own. (Complex sentence)
  • Injured animals can attack without provocation. (Simple sentence)
  • An animal that is injured can attack without provocation. (Complex sentence)
  • A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. (Simple sentence)
  • A thing that is beautiful is a joy for ever. (Complex sentence)
  • On being questioned, he confessed everything. (Simple sentence)
  • When he was questioned, he confessed everything. (Complex sentence)
  • He admitted his helplessness. (Simple sentence)
  • He admitted that he was helpless. (Complex sentence)
  • He is said to be a brilliant orator. (Simple sentence)
  • It is said that he is a brilliant orator. (Complex sentence)
  • I believed in his innocence. (Simple sentence)
  • I believed that he was innocent. (Complex sentence)
  • I thought him to be dependable. (Simple sentence)
  • I thought that he was dependable. (Complex sentence)

Note that adjectives and adjective phrases are expanded into adjective clauses and adverbs and adverb phrases are expanded into adverb clauses. Likewise, nouns and noun phrases are expanded into noun clauses.


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