Indirect Speech Worksheet for Class 10

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Questions that test a student's ability to use direct and indirect speech are quite common in MBA entrance tests. If you want to learn about direct and indirect speech before doing this exercise, go to this study page.

Change the following sentences into indirect speech. Four options are given against each question. Choose the most appropriate one.

Question 1. The President said to the General, 'Is your army well-supplied? Is it ready for war?'

2. Rahul said, 'I don't like this party. I want to go home now.'

3. Mahesh said, 'I got my licence last Tuesday.'

4. The driver said, 'Do you want the town centre?'

5. I asked, 'Where are the President and his wife staying?'

6. Marc said, 'I saw Julie at the theatre a couple of days ago.'

7. He said, 'It would be nice if I could see you again.'

8. She said, 'It must be pretty late. I really must go.'


1. a) The President asked the General whether his army was well-supplied and whether it was ready for war.

2. b) Rahul said that he didn't like the party and he wanted to go home right away.

3. c) Mahesh said that he had got his licence the Tuesday before.

4. c) The driver asked whether I wanted the town centre. (Yes / No questions are reported using if and whether.)

5. b) I asked where the President and his wife were staying.

6. d) Marc said that he had seen Julie at the theatre a couple of days before. (Ago becomes before in indirect speech)

7. c) He said that it would be nice if he could see me again. (Modal auxiliary verbs do not change.)

8. b) She said that it must be pretty late and she really must go.

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