Verbs That Can Be Followed By Infinitives

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Many verbs can be followed by the infinitives of other verbs.

Common verbs that can be followed by infinitives are given below.

afford, agree, appear, arrange, ask, attempt, beg, begin, care
choose, consent, continue, dare, decide, except, fail
forget, happen, hate, help, hope, intend, learn
like, love, manage, mean, neglect, offer
prefer, prepare, pretend, promise
propose, refuse, regret, remember, seem
start, swear, trouble, try, want, wish

Verb + Object + Infinitive

Some of these verbs can be followed by object + infinitive.

Common examples are:

advise, allow, ask, beg, cause, command, compel
encourage, expect, forbid, force, get, hate, help
instruct, intend, invite, leave, like, love
mean, need, oblige, order, permit, persuade, prefer
recommend, remind, request, teach, tell, trouble, want, warn

Points to be noted

1. Some verbs (let, make, see, feel, watch, notice, have, and sometimes know and help) are followed by object + infinitive without to.

2. Some verbs cannot be followed by object + infinitive. Suggest, for example, is followed by a that-clause.

3. Many of the verbs listed above can also be followed by an -ing form or a that-clause.

4. Many of the verbs given above can be used in passive structures with infinitives.

Some verbs, however, can be used with infinitives in active structures but not passives. Examples are: like, dislike, love, hate, prefer, wish and verbs with similar meanings.

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