Active And Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 10

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice.

1. The chief guest gave away the prizes.

2. Columbus discovered America.

3. She sells flowers.

4. Farmers in this part of the world grow rice.

5. She speaks English.

6. She asks too many questions.

7. She reads a lot of books.

8. The teacher rebuked the boy.

9. They are renovating the house.

10. She was washing the windows.

11. The parrot was eating nuts.

12. She is chopping vegetables.

13. I have received the information.

14. The police have caught the criminal.

15. They have announced the results.


1. The prizes were given away by the chief guest.

2. America was discovered by Columbus.

3. Flowers are sold by her.

4. Rice is grown by farmers in this part of the world.

5. English is spoken by her.

6. Too many questions are asked by her.

 7. A lot of books are read by her.

8. The boy was rebuked by the teacher.

9. The house is being renovated by them.

10. The windows were being washed by her.

11. Nuts were being eaten by the parrot.

12. Vegetables are being chopped by her.

13. The information has been received by me.

14. The criminal has been caught by the police.

15. The results have been announced by them.

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