Article Writing Sample 4 | CBSE Class 9 Worksheets

Parents and children often complain of the generation gap that leads to family and social maladjustments. Write an article ‘Bridge the Gap’ in about 100-120 words. (CBSE 2011)

You may use the following ideas.

Children should

  • Respect their elders
  • Understand their elders’ needs
  • Lend a helping hand
  • Understand that the elders are more experienced
  • Remember that parents always want the best for their children
  • Remember that parents don’t ask for much except respect and hard work in studies.

Parents and grandparents should

  • Be patient
  • Understand that young people need their space
  • Understand that present generation faces multi-fold challenges
  • Realize that life is stressful and competitive for them too
  • Understand that children’s anxiety leads to mood swings

Bridge the Gap

Every generation thinks differently from the previous generation. This is exactly what leads to generation gap. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, generation gap is not particularly dangerous and there are ways to bridge it.

Of course, this requires both parents and children to make an effort. Children need to realize that their parents only want the best for them. If they advise their children or compel them to work hard, that is because they want them to excel in their life. For all that parents do for their children, they expect hardly anything in return. They only want their children to treat them with respect and make them proud.

Parents also need to realize that children have their own problems. They face numerous challenges including peer pressure and competition. Their mood swings are actually a result of the stress and anxiety they experience. Most children only want their parents to lend them a patient ear. They want to be heard. They want someone to discuss their problems with. Parents must not expect their children to have the same perspectives on life. Mutual understanding is all it takes to improve the relation between parents and children.

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