Change Statements Into Questions | Class 5 Grammar Worksheets

Changing statements into questions is easy. You just need to put the auxiliary verb before the subject.


  • She is a teacher. (Statement)
  • Is she a teacher? (Question)

Change the following assertive statements into questions.

  1. She is coming to the party.
  2. It is raining heavily.
  3. I have been to Simla.
  4. I have finished my homework.
  5. Mom is cooking dinner.
  6. The girls are learning their lessons.
  7. She has returned from school.
  8. They have accepted the invitation.
  9. It is disgusting.
  10. Suma can swim.
  11. The players are tired.
  12. She is in the changing room.
  13. Rahul is walking on his treadmill.
  14. The little girl is playing with her doll.
  15. I have been to Manhattan.
  16. There are ten apples in the basket.
  17. It was a huge mistake.
  18. She was badly injured.
  19. He will be late for football practice.
  20. She is arriving by the 3.30 train.
  21. Durga is a famous classical dancer.
  22. The birds are flying in the sky.
  23. Alice is my best friend.
  24. Honey is sweet.
  25. Dad is reading the newspaper.
  26. She will pass the test.
  27. I will buy that dress.
  28. My sister has passed her test.
  29. Emily is my niece.
  30. Charles Dickens is my favourite author.
  31. My neighbour is a kind-hearted lady.


  1. Is she coming to the party?
  2. Is it raining heavily?
  3. Have I been to Simla?
  4. Have I finished my homework?
  5. Is mom cooking dinner?
  6. Are the girls learning their lessons?
  7. Has she returned from school?
  8. Have they accepted the invitation?
  9. Is it disgusting?
  10. Can Suma swim?
  11. Are the players tired?
  12. Is she in the changing room?
  13. Is Rahul walking on his treadmill?
  14. Is the little girl playing with her doll?
  15. Have I been to Manhattan?
  16. Are there ten apples in the basket?
  17. Was it a huge mistake?
  18. Was she badly injured?
  19. Will he be late for football practice?
  20. Is she arriving by the 3.30 train?
  21. Is Durga a famous classical dancer?
  22. Are the birds flying in the sky?
  23. Is Alice my best friend?
  24. Is honey sweet?
  25. Is dad reading the newspaper?
  26. Will she pass the test?
  27. Will I buy that dress?
  28. Has my sister passed her test?
  29. Is Emily my niece?
  30. Is Charles Dickens my favourite author?
  31. Is my neighbour a kind-hearted lady?

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