Changing Statements Into Questions

By simply putting the auxiliary verb before the subject, we can change a statement into a question.

She is your friend. (Statement)

Is she your friend? (Question)

Change the following assertive statements into questions.

  1. He is a doctor.
  2. That was an interesting movie.
  3. She is a great writer.
  4. This is better than that.
  5. He has got a pet dog.
  6. They have got a big house in the city.
  7. He is a good boy.
  8. That was a brilliant idea.
  9. He is a clever boy.
  10. She is a generous woman.
  11. It is a tricky question.
  12. They are from Germany.
  13. They are not interested in our offer.
  14. It is raining.
  15. The dogs are barking.
  16. He has returned from office.


  1. Is he a doctor?
  2. Was that an interesting movie?
  3. Is she a great writer?
  4. Is this better than that?
  5. Has he got a pet dog?
  6. Have they got a big house in the city?
  7. Is he a good boy?
  8. Was that a brilliant idea?
  9. Is he a clever boy?
  10. Is she a generous woman?
  11. Is it a tricky question?
  12. Are they from Germany?
  13. Are they not interested in our offer?
  14. Is it raining?
  15. Are the dogs barking?
  16. Has he returned from office?


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