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While traveling, you may need to go to a particular place or building. Use Is there…? to ask if there is such a thing where you are.


Before interrupting somebody with your question, it is always a good idea to use the phrase Excuse me.

Excuse me, is there a railway station near here?
Excuse me, is there a shopping mall in this street?
Excuse me, is there a library near here?
Excuse me, are there any South Indian restaurants in this street?
Is there a campsite near here?
Is there a beach near here?

To ask if a particular place or building is far from where you are, use Is … or How far…?

Is the railway station far from here?
Is the airport far from here?
How far is it to the airport from here?
How far is it to the railway station from here?

While traveling, you may want to find out the way to do something. Use How do…?

How do I send money to India?
How do I use this phone?
How do I withdraw money from a cash machine?
How do I buy a ticket from this machine?
How do I get to the railway station?

If you are looking for somewhere and you want information about how to find it, ask Where…?

Where is the gas station?
Where is the nearest railway station?
Excuse me. Where is the booking counter?
Excuse me. Where is the ticket office?
Excuse me. Where is the restroom?
Excuse me. Where can I buy a ticket?

To know which service / product is the right one for you, ask Which…?

Which platform do I need for London?
Which train do I take, please?
Excuse me. Which train goes to Mumbai?
Excuse me. Which platform is the train for Noida?
Excuse me. Which train goes to Kochi?

To ask a general question, use Is it…?

Is it far from here?
Is it this way?
Is it on the right?
Is the shopping complex on the left?
Is it near?

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