English Grammar Exercise For Bank PO Exams

This grammar exercise is designed for students preparing for bank PO exams.

Directions: (Questions 1 -4) Below the keyword are given five suggested meanings. Choose the one which is most opposite in meaning to the keyword.

1. Prodigal

a. Cautious
b. Reckless
c. Dissolute
d. Wasteful

2. Recalcitrant

a. Noncompliant
b. Well-behaved
c. Refractory
d. Unruly

3. Blatant

a. Obvious
b. Obscure
c. Furtive
d. Unashamed

4. Vociferous

a. Raucous
b. Strident
c. Quiet
d. Enthusiastic

Directions: (Questions 5 – 9) Look at the underlined part of the sentence. Below are given three possible substitutions for the underlined part. If one of the substitutions is better than the underlined part, indicate it as your answer. If none of the substitutions improves the sentence, indicate (4) as your answer.

5. The traveler asked the stranger if he had known the way to the nearest inn.

a. knew
b. has known
c. knows
d. No improvement

6. The dentist suggested me to change my toothpaste.

a. suggested that I should change
b. suggested to change
c. suggested me changing
d. No improvement

7. He was cured of his rheumatism by a specialist.

a. cured from
b. cured with
c. cured after
d. No improvement

8. He threatened that he would shoot me unless I didn’t give him the money.

a. if
b. whether
c. if not
d. No improvement

9. There is no question of denying the fact that she broke it.

a. no denying the fact
b. no denial the fact
c. no way to deny the fact
d. No improvement

Directions: (Questions 10 – 12) Select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase given below.

10. He told me that my remarks were beside the mark in that matter.

a. My remarks were relevant.
b. My remarks were irrelevant.
c. My remarks were true.
d. My remarks were untrue.

11. The two friends fell foul of each other over a silly matter.

a. They quarreled.
b. They resolved their differences.
c. They confused each other.
d. They supported each other.

12. By securing a good job he has been able to keep the wolf from the door.

a. He no longer lives in poverty.
b. He is able to lead a luxurious life.
c. His social standing has improved considerably.
d. He has become very proud of his accomplishments.


1. Cautious
2. Well-behaved
3. Obscure
4. Quiet
5. knew
6. suggested that I should change
7. No improvement
8. if
9. no denying the fact
10. My remarks were irrelevant.
11. They quarreled.
12. He no longer lives in poverty.

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