Kerala PSC Fireman Trainee 2020 English Practice

Here is an English practice test for various competitive exams conducted by PSC like LDC, VEO and Fireman Trainee.

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Add a suitable tag

1. He went to the party, ………………..?

a) did he; b) didn’t he; c) does he; d) doesn’t he

Change the voice

2. He drove the car.

a) The car is driven by him.

b) The car was driven by him.

c) The car has been driven by him.

d) The car had driven by him.

Change into indirect speech

3. Rahul said to us, ‘Are you interested in the offer?’

a) Rahul said to us is we are interested in the offer.

b) Rahul said to us if we were interested in the offer.

c) Rahul told us if we are interested in the offer.

d) Rahul asked us if we were interested in the offer.

Complete the sentence

4. If she ………………………. hard, she will pass the test.

a) worked; b) works; c) is working; d) has worked

Correct the proverb.

5. Make hay while the sun sets.

a) rises; b) shines; c) burns d) appears

Fill in the blanks with the right alternative

6. One of my friends …………………….. in America.

a) live; b) lives; c) are living; d) have living

7. Find the plural of mother in law.

a) mothers in law; b) mother in laws; c) mothers in laws; d) mother’s in law

Fill in the blank with the correct tense of the verb.

8. She knew that she …………………….. a mistake.

a) has made; b) had made; c) have made; d) is made

9. Find the opposite of the word blunt.

a) sharp; b) dull; c) pointed; d) fierce

10. Pick out the word which is not a synonym of acquit

a) exonerate; b) clear; c) absolve; d) convict

11. Status quo means

a) the old state of affairs; b) the existing state of affairs; c) an unexpected outcome; d) national policy

12. Substitute with one word: a speech or writing praising someone:

a) parody; b) eulogy; c) censure; d) epilogue

Fill in the blanks with a suitable preposition.

13. Cows feed ……………………… grass.

a) in; b) on; c) with; d) from

14. Identify the correct sentence.

a) She never offended anyone.

b) Never she offended anyone.

c) She has never offended anyone.

d) Has she never offended anyone.

15. Choose the wrongly spelt word

a) privacy; b) apparatus; c) occurrence; d) acommodation

Fill in the blanks with a suitable article.

16. I met ……………………. European on the train.

a) a; b) an; c) the; d) no article

17. Find out the meaning of the word chronic

a) severe; b) acute; c) persistent; d) dull

18. Replace the underlined verb with a phrasal verb.

a) The firemen extinguished the fire with great difficulty.

a) put off; b) put out; c) put away; d) put up

19. Choose the alternative which expresses the meaning of ‘jump on the bandwagon’.

a) do something dangerous; b) do something fashionable; c) do something good; d) do something generous

20. Which is wrongly used?

a) a glass of water; b) a bottle of milk; c) a bar of soap; d) a box of arrows


1. didn’t he?

2. The car was driven by him.

3. Rahul asked us if we were interested in the offer.

4. works

5. shines

6. lives

7. mothers in law

8. had made

9. sharp

10. convict

11. the existing state of affairs

12. eulogy

13. on

14. She has never offended anyone.

15. accommodation

16. a

17. persistent

18. put out

19. do something fashionable

20. a box of arrows


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