Passive Voice Exercise For Classes 6 And 7

Test your understanding of passive verb forms with this grammar exercise. Complete the following sentences using an appropriate passive verb form.

1. Rahul ————————————– as the new president of the club.

a) appointed b) has appointed c) has been appointed

2. The children —————————– by the teachers.

a) felicitated b) were felicitated c) was felicitated

3. We ——————————- to the party.

a) have invited b) have been invited c) were been invited

4. I ——————————— to behave.

a) told b) have told c) was told

5. They ————————— to submit the report by Monday.

a) asked b) were asked c) had asked

6. He complained that he ————————

a) was persecuted b) had been persecuted c) had persecuted

7. The accused ——————————- by the police.

a) is interrogated b) is being interrogated c) has interrogated

8. The walls ——————————-

a) have painted b) have been painted c) have been painting

9. The thieves ————————– by the alert villagers.

a) caught b) were caught c) had caught


1. Rahul has been appointed as the new president of the club.

2. The children were felicitated by the teachers.

3. We have been invited to the party.

4. I was told to behave.

5. They were asked to submit the report by Monday.

6. He complained that he had been persecuted.

7. The accused is being interrogated by the police.

8. The walls have been painted.

9. The thieves were caught by the alert villagers.

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