Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 7

This passive voice worksheet tests your understanding of passive verb forms. Complete the following sentences using appropriate passive verb forms.

1. The gangster ——————– by the police.

a) has arrested
b) has been arrested
c) had arrested

2. The girl who won the first prize —————— by the principal.

a) was felicitating
b) was felicitated
c) has felicitated

3. The meeting ——————–

a) has postponed
b) has been postponed
c) is postponing

4. The man ——————- by the tiger.

a) killed
b) was killed
c) has killed

5. Gautam ——————- as the new Chairman.

a) has elected
b) was elected
c) has been elected

6. The lawn ——————-

a) has been mown
b) has mowed
c) Either could be used here

7. You ——————– if you miss another deadline.

a) will sack
b) will be sacked
c) will be sacking

8. The accused ——————– by the police.

a) has been interrogating
b) is being interrogated
c) has interrogated

9. The writer ——————— of plagiarism.

a) has been accused
b) is accused
c) Either could be used here

10. We ——————— to their party.

a) have been invited
b) have invited
c) are inviting


1. The gangster has been arrested by the police.

2. The girl who won the first prize was felicitated by the principal.

3. The meeting has been postponed.

4. The man was killed by the tiger.

5. Gautam has been elected as the new Chairman.

6. The lawn has been mown.

7. You will be sacked if you miss another deadline.

8. The accused is being interrogated by the police.

9. The writer has been accused / is accused of plagiarism.

10. We have been invited to their party.

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