Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 8 | Present Perfect Tense

In this lesson we will learn about changing a sentence into passive voice when the active verb is in the present perfect tense.

Active verb form: has/have + past participle form of the verb

Passive verb form: has/have + been + past participle form of the verb

When we change an active sentence into a passive sentence, the object of the active verb becomes the subject of the passive verb. The verb also undergoes some changes. For example, the passive verb in the present perfect tense is made with has / have + been + past participle form of the verb.

Study the following sentences.

  • have finished the job. (Active)
  • The job has been finished by me. (Passive)
  • They have sent the parcel. (Active)
  • The parcel has been sent by them. (Passive)


Change the following sentences in the active voice into the passive voice.

1. Rahul has broken another window.

2. She has written two essays.

3. They have finished the job.

4. Amar has made an important discovery.

5. Roopa has accepted the invitation.

6. Uma has won an award.

7. The boy has made a mistake.

8. Gauri has bought a car.


1. Another window has been broken by Rahul.

2. Two essays have been written by her.

3. The job has been finished by them.

4. An important discovery has been made by Amar.

5. The invitation has been accepted by Roopa.

6. An award has been won by Uma.

7. A mistake has been made by the boy.

8. A car has been bought by Gauri.

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