Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 8

In this lesson we will learn about changing a sentence into passive voice when the active verb is in the present continuous tense.

Form of the verb in the present continuous tense

Active: is/am/are + -ing form of the verb

Passive: is/am/are + being + past participle form of the verb

Study the following sentences.

  • She is writing a story. (Active) (Subject – she; verb – is writing; object – a story)

We have already learned that the object of the active verb becomes the subject of the passive verb. Therefore when we change this sentence into the passive, a story becomes the subject. The continuous verb is writing becomes is being written in the passive voice.

  • A story is being written by her.

Note that the basic rules of subject-verb agreement are applicable in this case as well.


  • I am writing a story. (Here the active verb am writing agrees with the subject I.)
  • A story is being written by me. (Here the passive verb ‘is being written’ agrees with the singular subject is.)

More examples are given below.

  • He is drafting the report. (Active)
  • The report is being drafted by him. (Passive)
  • Masons are building the house. (Active)
  • The house is being built by the masons. (Passive)


Change the following active sentences into the passive.

1. She is writing a letter.

2. He is watering the plants.

3. I am writing a story.

4. Mother is making a cake.

5. Rohan is building a toy car.

6. The dog is chasing the cat.

7. Raju is repairing the bicycle.

8. Workers are painting the walls.


1. A letter is being written by her.

2. The plants are being watered by him.

3. A story is being written by me.

4. A cake is being made by mother.

5. A toy car is being built by Rohan.

6. The cat is being chased by the dog.

7. The bicycle is being repaired by Raju.

8. The walls are being painted by workers.

Passive voice worksheets

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