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Sentence Improvement Test 2

Which of the phrases (a), (b) or (c) should replace the word/phrase in bold letters to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (d) as your answer.

1. The fog lifted, the plane took off.

a) Having lifted the fog
b) Lifting the fog
c) The fog having lifted
d) No improvement

2. He complained of having tortured the police.

a) having been tortured
b) tortured
c) been tortured
d) No improvement

3. The sea rough, they abandoned the swim.

a) being rough
b) The sea being rough
c) It being rough
d) No improvement

4. We were all happy at Mr. Sen being awarded the Nobel Prize.

a) at Mr Sen’s being awarded
b) at Mr Sen awarded
c) at Mr Sen been awarded
d) No improvement

5. Being a rainy day, we had to abandon the match.

a) having been a rainy day
b) It being a rainy day
c) It been a rainy day
d) No improvement

6. I didn’t need to water the flowers. Just after I finished it started raining.

a) I needn’t have watered the flowers
b) I needn’t water the plants
c) I didn’t water the plants
d) No improvement

7. If she hadn’t been so bad-tempered, I could have married her.

a) might have married her
b) should have married her
c) must have married her
d) No improvement

8. This time tomorrow I will lie on the beach.

a) will be lying
b) will have been lying
c) will have lied
d) No improvement

9. Hadn’t we cancelled the journey at the last moment, we should all have been killed in the crash.

a) If we had not cancelled
b) Had we cancelled
c) If we had cancelled
d) No improvement

10. If she might be late, we will have to start without her.

a) If she should be late
b) If she would be late
c) If she must be late
d) No improvement

11. I looked up and found water had dripping through the ceiling.

a) we had water dripping
b) we had water dripped
c) we have water dripping
d) No improvement

12. She was hardly inside the house than the kids started screaming.

a) when
b) by
c) as soon as
d) No improvement

13. No sooner has she agreed to marry him than she started having terrible doubts.

a) No sooner had she agreed
b) She no sooner had agreed
c) No sooner did she agreed
d) No improvement

14. She was a nice girl, but she should talk about herself all the time.

a) would
b) must
c) could
d) No improvement

15. As well as he breaking his leg, he hurt his arm.

a) As well as breaking
b) As well as he broke
c) As well as broke
d) No improvement

16. Bravely as they fought, they had no chance of winning.

a) Bravely as though they fought
b) Bravely they fought though
c) As they fought bravely
d) No improvement

17. Cold though it was we went out.

a) As it was cold
b) It was cold though
c) Cold it was though
d) No improvement

18. ‘You looked tired.’ ‘Yes, I had been running.’

a) have been
b) was
c) were
d) No improvement

19. I asked her whether if she believed in God.

a) whether she believed
b) about whether she believed
c) about if she believed
d) No improvement

20. They were built this house in 1990.

a) built
b) had built
c) have built
d) No improvement

21. She works in television as well as she writes children’s books.

a) as well as writing
b) as well as she writing
c) as well as wrote
d) No improvement

22. We met at a cold morning in early spring.

a) on
b) in
c) with
d) No improvement

23. Are you free on this evening?

a) this evening
b) at this evening
c) in this evening
d) No improvement

24. Being too costly for him, he could not buy the coat.

a) It being too costly for him
b) He being too costly
c) Being it too costly
d) No improvement

25. God will, we shall meet again.

a) If God is willing
b) God is willing
c) Willing God
d) No improvement


1. The fog having lifted
2. having been tortured
3. The sea being rough
4. No improvement
5. It being a rainy day
6. I needn’t have watered the flowers.
7. might have married her
8. will be lying
9. If we had not cancelled
10. If she should be late
11. we had water dripping
12. when
13. No sooner had she agreed
14. would
15. As well as breaking
16. No improvement
17. No improvement
18. have been
19. whether she believed
20. built
21. as well as writing
22. on
23. this evening
24. It being too costly for him
25. If God is willing

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