Rearrange Jumbled Words Exercise For Classes 3 And 4

Change the order of words to make meaningful sentences. This grammar worksheet is for students of classes 3 and 4.

1. the chased the cat dog.

2. my I grandparents visited yesterday.

3. told Raju a story me

4. borrowed a from I the library book

5. cake my baked a yesterday mother

6. reading an am I interesting now story

7. I to become like a writer I grow up when would

8. I playing enjoy my cats with

9. my are us cousins next visiting month

10. place we may their in April visit

11. the I have all questions answered

12. I the prize won in the quiz competition first


1. The dog chased the cat.

2. I visited my grandparents yesterday.

3. Raju told me a story.

4. I borrowed a book from the library.

5. My mother baked a cake yesterday.

6. I am reading an interesting story now.

7. I would like to become a writer when I grow up.

8. I enjoy playing with my cats.

9. My cousins are visiting us next month.

10. We may visit their place in April.

11. I have answered all the questions.

12. I won the first prize in the quiz competition.

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