Rearrange Jumbled Words Exercise For Classes 3 And 4

Change the order of words to make meaningful sentences. This grammar worksheet is for students of classes 3 and 4.

1. the chased the cat dog.

2. my I grandparents visited yesterday.

3. told Raju a story me

4. borrowed a from I the library book

5. cake my baked a yesterday mother

6. reading an am I interesting now story

7. I to become like a writer I grow up when would

8. I playing enjoy my cats with

9. my are us cousins next visiting month

10. place we may their in April visit

11. the I have all questions answered

12. I the prize won in the quiz competition first


1. The dog chased the cat.

2. I visited my grandparents yesterday.

3. Raju told me a story.

4. I borrowed a book from the library.

5. My mother baked a cake yesterday.

6. I am reading an interesting story now.

7. I would like to become a writer when I grow up.

8. I enjoy playing with my cats.

9. My cousins are visiting us next month.

10. We may visit their place in April.

11. I have answered all the questions.

12. I won the first prize in the quiz competition.

Worksheet 2

1. we across walked the ice

2. they live just in across the a village border

3. I a experience had yesterday strange

4. you across can the river swim

5. I met in Mumbai her three ago years

6. the in two are alike looks girls

7. he was for he six months ill before died

8. like would you to be for short alone periods

9. a born baby can stand as soon deer as it is

10. I his asked him I could if borrow car

11. did do then you what

12. have I met them not in a time long

13. has Meera married to been Rahul for years six

14. enough have we food cooked for all guests the

15. they winning played but they had no well chance of

16. will I forget not that day as as I live long

17. are I can’t what you talking about understand

18. she returned by now have should

19. he has working in been a bank for years twenty

20. Sundays the office is closed post on


1. We walked across the ice.

2. They live in a village just across the border.

3. I had a strange experience yesterday.

4. Can you swim across the river?

5. I met her in Mumbai three years ago.

6. The two girls are alike in looks.

7. He was ill for six months before he died.

8. Would you like to be alone for short periods?

9. A baby deer can stand as soon as it is born.

10. I asked him if I could borrow his car.

11. What did you do then?

12. I have not met them in a long time.

13. Meera has been married to Rahul for six years.

14. Have we cooked enough food for all the guests?

15. They played well but they had no chance of winning.

16. I will not forget that day as long as I live.

17. I can’t understand what you are talking about.

18. She should have returned by now.

19. He has been working in a bank for twenty years.

20. The post office is closed on Sundays.

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