Rearrange The Words To Make Meaningful Sentences

Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences.

1. the ozone layer the sun produces of but little reaches huge amounts of the earth thanks to radiation the surface

2. in London according to the term road rage initially used was around 1994 some accounts.

3. peers and have a influence behave on how school older siblings major children

4. before the cost choosing an aided school, parents or unaided should consider for their children

5. their lives having with their peers help gain confidence healthy relationships in other parts of children.

6. orangutans other species in the rain forests important ways of Sumatra and Borneo differ from of great apes found in several

7. almost a tornado’s eye of strong ascending descending that can destroy everything is composed and in their paths currents

8. the last witnessed important shift an in the distribution two decades have of economic power global


1. The sun produces huge amounts of radiation but little reaches the surface of the earth thanks to the ozone layer.

2. According to some accounts, the term road rage was initially used in London around 1994.

3. Peers and older siblings have a major influence on how school children behave.

4. Before choosing an aided or unaided school for their children, parents should consider the cost.

5. Having healthy relationships with their peers help children gain confidence in other parts of their lives.

6. Orangutans, found in the rain forests of Sumatra and Borneo, differ from other species of great apes in several important ways.

7. A tornado’s eye is composed of strong ascending and descending currents that can destroy almost everything in their paths.

8. The last two decades have witnessed an important shift in the global distribution of economic power.

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