Rearrange words to make meaningful sentences | Class 3 grammar worksheets

A sentence is a group of words that make sense. The words in a sentence need to be arranged in a certain way. Otherwise, the sentence will not make sense.

Each question given below contains a group of words. Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences. Use correct punctuation marks and then state the kind of the sentence.

1. book whose this is?

2. there anyone help is me to?

3. late why you are?

4. know you do the answer?

5. do I not his know name.

6. shining is chirping sun the are and birds the.

7. mother cook my great is a.

8. does not who her know?

9. swimming were they pool the in.

10. lend you can your me pen?


1. Whose book is this? (Question)

2. Is there anyone to help me? (Question)

3. Why are you late? (Question)

4. Do you know the answer? (Question)

5. I do not know his name. (Statement)

6. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. (Statement)

7. My mother is a great cook. (Statement)

8. Who does not know her? (Question)

9. They were swimming in the pool. (Statement)

10. Can you lend me your pen? (Question)

Rearrange words worksheet 2

Rearrange words to make meaningful sentences.

1. an my is architect dad

2. grandfather his died month last

3. you friend will be my always best

4. guests the already arrived have

5. was the windows I washing

6. window somebody broken the has

7. we for what having breakfast are

8. went we a nice restaurant to yesterday

9. that we afford to cannot buy car

10. she kittens has a litter adopted of

11. I to talk to want you don’t

12. am I late tonight working

13. bought they car last week another

14. me she to refused talk to

15. in I the job an finished hour

16. eat you did anything not

17. are why shouting you at me

18. wait will you me for

19. I will go allow you not to

20. here she in came morning


1. My dad is an architect.

2. His grandfather died last month.

3. You will always be my best friend.

4. The guests have already arrived.

5. I was washing the windows.

6. Somebody has broken the window.

7. What are we having for breakfast?

8. We went to a nice restaurant yesterday.

9. We cannot afford to buy that car.

10. She has adopted a litter of kittens.

11. I don’t want to talk to you.

12. I am working late tonight.

13. They bought another car last week.

14. She refused to talk to me.

15. I finished the job in an hour.

16. You did not eat anything.  

17. Why are you shouting at me?

18. Will you wait for me?

19. I will not allow you to go.

20. She came here in morning.

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