Rearrange Words To Make Meaningful Sentences | Class 8 English Grammar Worksheets

Rearrange words to make meaningful sentences. This grammar worksheet is for students of classes 8 and 9.

1. take for the of family, don’t so many risks your sake

2. attack Joan of Arc was a counter outside the during walls captured

3. we pray the court will that sagacious reach a decision

4. rout army Napoleon’s suffered a at Waterloo complete

5. advisable a least routine check-up is at once medical a year

6. the authorities your license you get if another will revoke speeding ticket

7. the made a plea lawyer for his client zealous

8. the until distraught kept raving finally was led man away he

9. for they are to raze this way building going to make the highway

10. the raw of the townspeople no match for the forces well-trained invaders were


1. For the sake of your family, don’t take so many risks.

2. Joan of Arc was captured during a counter attack outside the walls.

3. We pray that the court will reach a sagacious decision.

4. Napoleon’s army suffered a complete rout at Waterloo.

5. A routine medical check-up is advisable at least once a year.

6. The authorities will revoke your license if you get another speeding ticket.

7. The lawyer made a zealous plea for his client.

8. The distraught man kept raving until finally he was led away.

9. They are going to raze this building to make way for the highway.

10. The raw forces of the townspeople were no match for the well-trained invaders.

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