Conversion Of A Compound Sentence To A Simple Sentence

A simple sentence has just one clause and one finite verb.

A compound sentence has two or more coordinate clauses of the same rank.

In order to convert a compound sentence into a simple sentence, we have to reduce one of the coordinate clauses into a phrase.

  • He finished his homework and went to play.

The sentence given below is a compound sentence. It has two main clauses.

  • He finished his homework.
  • He went to play.

When we reduce the first clause into a phrase, we get:

  • Having finished his homework, he went to play.

The sentence given above has just one independent clause – he went to play.

Having finished his homework is not a clause because it does not have a finite verb. Having finished is an example of a perfect participle. It is a non-finite verb.


Change the compound sentences given below into simple sentences.

1. We were poor and suffered great hardships.

2. He not only fed the poor boy but also bought him some clothes.

3. We must eat or we cannot live.

4. She tried her best but she could not succeed.


1. Being poor we suffered great hardships.

2. In addition to feeding the poor boy, he bought him some clothes.

3. We must eat to live.

4. Despite trying her best, she could not succeed.

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