Transformation Of A Simple Sentence Into A Compound Sentence

A simple sentence consists of just one clause. That means it has only one subject and one verb. A compound sentence has two or more coordinate clauses. Note that each one of these clauses has their own subject and predicate.

Examples are given below.

Looking outside, I saw a cat. (Simple sentence)
I looked outside and I saw a cat. (Compound sentence)

Here we changed the participial phrase ‘Looking outside’ into the clause ‘I looked outside’ and connected it to the original clause with the coordinating conjunction and. Thus we have seen that we can convert a simple sentence into a compound sentence by expanding a word or phrase into a clause and by connecting the clauses with a coordinating conjunction.

Another example is given below.

Running fast he caught the train. (Simple sentence)
He ran fast and caught the train. (Compound sentence)

Convert the following simple sentences into compound sentences.

1. Taking out the pen, he started writing.

2. Deceived by his friends and family, he killed himself.

3. Besides being rich, she is generous.

4. In spite of being poor, he is very happy.

5. Being naïve, he could not see through their schemes.

6. She sat on the sofa, sipping coffee.

7. Through his hard work, he achieved success.


1. He took out the pen and started writing.

2. He was deceived by his friends and family so he killed himself.

3. She is not only rich, but also generous.

4. He is poor but he is very happy.

5. He was naïve and could not see through their schemes.

6. She sat on the sofa and sipped coffee.

7. He worked hard and achieved success.

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