How To Write A Thesis When You Don’t Have Time

Do My Thesis, Please! How to Write a Thesis when You Don’t Have Time

A thesis is supposed to be a written work spread over a sizable amount of time. Yet sometimes, for this or that reason, one fails to do so. It may be a result of long procrastination, or the only copy of the thesis dying after a computer crash, or personal reasons standing in the way of work. As a result, you find yourself in need of a finished thesis in 3 months’ time, with little to no proper research and sources located and no idea where to start.

When you don’t have time to procrastinate, it does wonders for your productivity. However, no matter how many hours per day you work, you won’t be able to achieve success without following some principles. That’s what we will teach you.

  • You should always know what you are doing

You don’t have time to meander, start one avenue of research, drop it, move in the new direction, be distracted by something else and so on. You should always know what your thesis is about, what your thesis statement is, what hypothesis you support. If you cannot summarize your entire thesis in one sentence, you are doing something wrong and have to urgently rethink your approach.

If right now you snicker at the obviousness of this tip, don’t – you will be amazed how many students fail to decide what the main point of their thesis is until they are halfway through and realize they don’t know what they are doing.

  • Don’t be too dependent on your supervisor

It isn’t the supervisor’s job to write your thesis for you. It isn’t even his job to lead you through the process of writing it. Your thesis is your work and your work only, and the supervisor simply has to give you the tools that will let you become an independent researcher in your own right.

Add to this that some supervisors are either bad mentors who don’t care if you graduate or not and others are constantly too busy to help you, and you get a helper whose usefulness is questionable at best. Therefore, don’t expect a supervisor to answer all your questions. Whenever you encounter a problem, start looking for a solution immediately, without waiting to ask for the supervisor’s opinion.

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  • Start with what is the easiest for you to write

Many students believe that they should write the chapters of their thesis in the same order they go in the paper. That would mean that you should start with an abstract, which is about the most absurd thing to do. An abstract is, by definition, a summary of your entire work, and you cannot really write it without having finished the rest of the paper first. Even if you have a fairly good idea of what your thesis is going to be about, chances are you will have to rewrite it from scratch once you finish anyway. Start with methods instead – it is both logical and easy. Proceed in the same way – write what feels easy to write right now, and you won’t waste time-fighting writer’s block.

  • Intersperse work periods with rest

Unfortunately, human brains aren’t suited for long periods of uninterrupted focus. Using an entire 5-hour segment of time to sit down and write as much as possible is simply inefficient. After about an hour (probably earlier) you will feel that your focus is slipping and you are producing less and less with every passing minute.

Instead, alternate periods of work and rest. The most common combination is 45/15 – 45 minutes of work, 15 minutes of rest.

  • Divide your work into definite parts

Depending on what discipline you study, these parts may be different, but usually, they are as follows:

  • Data gathering and idea generation;
  • Writing, editing, and analysis;
  • Polishing and proofreading.
  • By clearly delineating them, you will save yourself a lot of time you would otherwise waste jumping between tasks.

These tips are, of course, not the only ones that can help you write a thesis, but following them will give you a good start.


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