Punctuation Worksheet For Class 4

Add appropriate punctuation marks to the following sentences. Capitalize words wherever necessary.

1. when Ive recorded your voice Ill play it back

2. shes not here just now

3. if I write to you will you write back

4. I dont think stephen got your letter you had better write again

5. where could she have gone

6. I went there with sajan and his brother

7. I bought apples oranges mangoes and peaches

8. We had a holiday at diwali at christmas and at makar sankranthi

9. I went to france italy germany and spain

10. has the cat had its litter yet

11. what a sad state of affairs

12. why are you crying


1. When I’ve recorded your voice I’ll play it back.

2. She’s not here just now.

3. If I write to you will you write back?

4. I don’t think Stephen got your letter. You had better write again.

5. Where could she have gone?

6. I went there with Sajan and his brother.

7. I bought apples, oranges, mangoes and peaches.

8. We had a holiday at Diwali, at Christmas and at Makar Sankranthi.

9. I went to France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

10. Has the cat had its litter yet?

11. What a sad state of affairs!

12. Why are you crying?

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