Change Simple Past Into Passive Voice

In the simple past tense, we make the passive verb forms by putting was / were before the past participle form of the verb.

  • The news shocked me. (Active voice)
  • I was shocked by the news. (Passive voice)
  • They received us. (Active voice)
  • We were received by them. (Passive voice)
Passive verb forms in the simple past tense

Passive voice worksheet for class 10

Sentences are given in the simple past tense. Change them into the passive voice.

1. The teacher scolded the boy.

2. I sent the parcels in the morning.

3. The hostess received the guests.

4. They served hot dishes.

5. I recognized him.

6. They praised the boy.

7. The doctor examined the patient.

8. I knew the answer.

0. They remitted the fee.

10. They rejected his application.

11. The judge sentenced him to prison.

12. As there was no conclusive evidence against him, the court acquitted him.


1. The boy was scolded by the teacher.

2. The parcels were sent in the morning (by me).

3. The guests were received by the hostess.

4. Hot dishes were served by them.

5. He was recognized by me.

6. The boy was praised by them.

7. The patient was examined by the doctor.

8. The answer was known to me.

9. The fee was remitted by them.

10. His application was rejected by them.

11. He was sentenced to prison.

12. As there was no conclusive evidence against him, he was acquitted by the court.

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