Class 10 Article Writing Exercise | Article About National Integration

Your school celebrated National Integration Week very recently. Skits, fancy dress competition and a seminar on celebrating unity in diversity which brought out the rich culture and heritage of our country were conducted. You feel that such celebrations strengthen the unity of the country. Write an article on Indian Identity – Unity in Diversity for your school magazine in about 100-120 words.

Class 10 Article Writing Exercise

Indian Identity – Unity In Diversity


We are a nation of over 1.3 billion people speaking various languages and following different religions, traditions, customs and practices. Yet, there is something that unites us all. There is something that makes everyone of us want to consider ourselves an Indian first. Truly India is an amazing land of diversity. Actually, the kind of diversity that we come across here is unlikely to be found anywhere else. One of the main factors that keep us united is indeed our rich history spanning several millennia. Ours is perhaps the oldest surviving civilisation in the world and it should be a matter of immense pride for us that we have managed to preserve it despite successive invasions.

Celebrating unity in diversity is even more important in this century where we get exposed to diverse cultures and lifestyles on a daily basis. It is important for us to realize that all differences are superficial and deep within we are all humans inhabiting this precious land called Mother India. Of course, celebrations like National Integration Week go a long way in strengthening our unity. It is my sincere belief that we will be able to hold this event on a grander scale next year.


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