Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 10 English MH Board

The sentences given below are in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice.

1. Open the door.

2. Call the doctor.

3. Summon the first witness.

4. Close the door.

5. Take this file with you.

6. Translate this report into English.

7. Do not invite her to my marriage.

8. Do not inform the police now.

9. Do not disturb the patient.

10. Do it soon.

11. Feed the dogs.

12. Tell the truth.

13. Don’t wake him up.

14. Keep the information confidential.

15. Release the birds.  


1. Let the door be opened.

2. Let the doctor be called.

3. Let the first witness be summoned.

4. Let the door be closed.

5. Let this file be taken with you.

6. Let this report be translated into English.

7. Let her not be invited to my marriage.

8. Let the police not be informed now.

9. Let the patient not be disturbed.

10. Let it be done soon.

11. Let the dogs be fed.

12. Let the truth be told.

13. Let him not be woken up.

14. Let the information be kept confidential.

15. Let the birds be released.

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