Rearrange Word Clusters To Make Meaningful Sentences | Class 10 Grammar Worksheets

Rearrange the following word clusters to make meaningful sentences.

(a) very exciting / can be / new country / travelling to / a

(b) it / a lot of / before / actually requires / the visit / preparation

(c) option / is / light / travelling / best / the

(d) also need / we / the local weather / in mind / to / keep

(e) always / enriched / we / return / experience / the / with

(f) is / most beautiful / Bangalore / one of the / cities of / South India

(g) is considered / as the centre / high tech industry / Bangalore / of India’s

(h) Vidhana Soudha /is a / Neo-Dravidian style / building / in the / constructed

(i) from Calicut / Bangalore / 7 hours drive / it is just about / to

(j) many / historical monuments / in Bangalore / there are / to visit


(a) Travelling to a new country can be very exciting.

(b) It actually requires a lot of preparation before the visit.

(c) Light travelling is the best option.

(d) We also need to keep the local weather in mind.

(e) We always return with the enriched experience.

(f) Bangalore is one of the most beautiful cities of South India.

(g) Bangalore is considered as the centre of India’s high tech industry.

(h) Vidhana Soudha is a building constructed in the Neo-Dravidian style

(i) It is just about 7 hours drive from Calicut to Bangalore.

(j) There are many historical monuments to visit in Bangalore.


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