Rearrange Words To Make Meaningful Sentences | Class 7 Grammar Worksheets

Rearrange the jumbled words to make meaningful sentences.

1. was a harmless just prank it

2. loved the magician to before youthful audiences perform

3. young the major is to be too made a general

4. visited in my I youth Kerala

5. join the young ran away to the circus man

6. the of is called idolatry idols worship

7. good worms are bait catfish for

8. human the is a wonderful brain organ

9. as write your in as few reply words possible

10. you learning does not facts necessarily make wise

11. practicing the woman was old hanged for witchcraft

12. after the waiter serving withdrew the meal


1. It was just a harmless prank.

2. The magician loved to perform before youthful audiences.

3. The major is too young to be made a general.

4. I visited Kerala in my youth.

5. The young man ran away to join the circus.

6. The worship of idols is called idolatry.

7. Worms are good bait for catfish.

8. The human brain is a wonderful organ.

9. Write your reply in as few words as possible.

10. Learning facts does not necessarily make you wise.

11. The old woman was hanged for practicing witchcraft.

12. The waiter withdrew after serving the meal.

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