Transformation Of Sentences Worksheet For Class 7

Rewrite the following sentences as directed.

1. Martin works hard to earn his living. (Change into negative)

2. She graduated in 2005. (Change into interrogative)

3. She sings beautifully. (Change into exclamatory)

4. That was a marvelous performance. (Change into exclamatory)

5.  They got married in July. (Change into interrogative)

6. You will pay for this. (Change into negative)

7. He is waiting in the lobby. (Use the contracted form)

8. They are waiting for us. (Use the contracted form)

9. They will not allow us to go. (Change into affirmative)

10. She cannot play the violin. (Use the contracted form)

11. It was a wonderful idea. (Change into exclamatory)

12. She passed the test. (Change into negative)


1. Martin does not work hard to earn his living.

2. Did she graduate in 2005?

3. How beautifully she sings!

4. What a marvelous performance it was!

5.  Did they get married in July?

6. You will not pay for this.

7. He’s waiting in the lobby.

8. They’re waiting for us.

9. They will allow us to go.

10. She can’t play the violin.

11. What a wonderful idea it was!

12. She did not pass the test.

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