Change into Interrogative Sentence

Change the assertive sentences given below into interrogative sentences.


In the simple present tense, we make questions by putting do or does before the subject.

  • He lives alone.
  • Does he live alone?

In the simple past tense, we make questions by putting did before the subject.

  • She came in the morning.
  • Did she come in the morning?

Note that we use the first form of the verb (v1) after do, does and did.

  • Did she come? (NOT Did she came?)
  • Did she recognise you? (NOT Did she recognised you?)

If the assertive sentence contains the word some, replace it with any in the question. Similarly, replace somebody with anybody and never with ever.

Change into interrogative sentence worksheet

1. He won the first prize.

2. They refused to let him in.

3. He missed the train.

4. She has found a good job.

5. They are getting married in July.

6. Somebody called in the morning.

7. Some students participated in the program.

8. He bought something for his mother.

9. I talked to the minister.

10. Ram often goes to the theatre.

11. The girl carried the kitty home.

12. Somebody is waiting outside.

13. He put the heating on.

14. The child gave the beggar a coin.

15. The dog followed his master everywhere.

16. They sent the parcel in the morning.

17. They arrested the man for stealing.

18. Somebody knocked on the door.

19. Nobody came.

20. The police interrogated the suspect.

21. She runs a restaurant in town.

22. He lives alone in a small hut.

23. They do not allow visitors after 7 pm.

24. The cat chased the mouse.

25. She speaks English really well.


1. Did he win the first prize?

2. Did they refuse to let him in?

3. Did he miss the train?

4. Has she found a good job?

5. Are they getting married in July?

6. Did anybody call in the morning?

7. Did any students participate in the program?

8. Did he buy anything for his mother?

9. Did I talk to the minister?

10. Does Ram often go to the theatre?

11. Did the girl carry the kitty home?

12. Is anybody waiting outside?

13. Did he put the heating on?

14. Did the child give the beggar a coin?

15. Did the dog follow his master everywhere?

16. Did they send the parcel in the morning?

17. Did they arrest the man for stealing?

18. Did anybody knock on the door?

19. Did anybody come?

20. Did the police interrogate the suspect?

21. Does she run a restaurant in town?

22. Does he live alone in a small hut?

23. Do they allow visitors after 7 pm?

24. Did the cat chase the mouse?

25. Does she speak English really well?

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