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Verbal ability: Antonyms

Posted by Manjusha Filed in Verbal Ability

Against each keyword are given five suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase which is opposite in meaning to the key word.

1. Nave

    a) original
    b) complex
    c) sophisticated
    d) rustic
    e) prospective

2. Nasty

    a) inclement
    b) loathsome
    c) starry
    d) clean
    e) renowned

3. Native

    a) alien
    b) innate
    c) aboriginal
    d) fragile
    e) clever

4. Neat

    a) spruce
    b) orderly
    c) prodigal
    d) sloppy
    e) fragrant

5. Nebulous

    a) fundamental
    b) clear
    c) porous
    d) indistinct
    e) hazy

6. Niggardly

    a) miserly
    b) local
    c) generous
    d) avaricious
    e) stingy

7. Nimble

    a) agile
    b) quick
    c) clumsy
    d) maidenly
    e) base

8. Noxious

    a) pernicious
    b) unwholesome
    c) hurtful
    d) ingenuous
    e) harmless

9. Obdurate

    a) callous
    b) soft
    c) stubborn
    d) thorough
    e) hard

10. Obligation

    a) choice
    b) compulsion
    c) silence
    d) covenant
    e) responsibility

11. Obscene

    a) disgusting
    b) desirous
    c) pollute
    d) pornographic
    e) decent

12. Obscure

    a) enigmatic
    b) irrelevant
    c) clear
    d) blurred
    e) mysterious

13. Obstinate

    a) submissive
    b) confused
    c) determined
    d) unyielding
    e) trusted

14. Obvious

    a) self-evident
    b) palpable
    c) reckless
    d) unmistakable
    e) hidden

15. Odious

    a) hateful
    b) attractive
    c) repulsive
    d) vile
    e) depraved

16. Offhand

    a) dazzling
    b) lavish
    c) abrupt
    d) brusquely
    e) considered

17. Opulent

    a) wealthy
    b) sumptuous
    c) suspecting
    d) drooping
    e) poor

18. Ostentation

    a) semblance
    b) flourish
    c) modesty
    d) boasting
    e) ornamental

19. Overt

    a) apparent
    b) vigorous
    c) curious
    d) concealed
    e) neglect

20. Oppression

    a) kindness
    b) eventual
    c) hardship
    d) sharpness
    e) depression


1. Sophisticated; 2. Clean; 3. Alien; 4. Sloppy; 5. Clear; 6. Generous; 7. Clumsy; 8. Harmless; 9. Soft; 10. Choice; 11. Decent; 12. Clear; 13. Submissive; 14. Hidden; 15. Attractive; 16. Considered; 17. Poor; 18. Modesty; 19. Concealed; 20. Kindness



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