Change Tense As Directed | Class 6 Grammar Worksheets

Rewrite the following sentences by changing the tense as directed.

1. I went to the party in the afternoon. (change into simple future)

2. I don’t think that he will recognize me. (change into simple past)

3. They have arrived. (change into future perfect)

4. No one answered the phone. (change into past perfect)

5. I will go to Mumbai. (change into simple past)

6. They lived here for twenty years. (change into present perfect continuous )

7. I will be writing my exam. (change into past continuous)

8. She will never listen to me. (change into simple present)

9. I cook dinner. (change into present continuous)

10. The chief guest gave away the prices. (change into present perfect)

11. She asked me a question. (change into past continuous)

12. They took me to their home. (change into past perfect)


1. I will go to the party in the afternoon. (simple future)

2. I didn’t think that he would recognize me. (simple past)

3. They will have arrived. (future perfect)

5. I went to Mumbai. (simple past)

6. They have been living here for twenty years. (present perfect continuous )

7. I was writing my exam. (past continuous)

8. She never listens to me. (simple present)

9. I am cooking dinner. (present continuous)

10. The chief guest has given away the prices. (present perfect)

11. She was asking me a question. (past continuous)

12. They had taken me to their home. (past perfect)

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