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For most students who take MBA entrance examinations like CAT and MAT, the section on English grammar and verbal ability is the most difficult and that is hardly surprising. A good knowledge of Grammar fundamentals and a sizable vocabulary are absolutely essential for success in these highly competitive tests.

With the objective of helping our students who take tests like CAT, MAT, GMAT and GRE, we have started a new section of grammar and vocabulary exercises.

In these practice tests you will find the same questions that have appeared in previous MBA entrance examinations. Explanations as well as answers are given for each question.

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Practice English Tests for CAT
Vocabulary exercises for CAT and GMAT

Grammar exercises

Intermediate English Grammar Exercise 1
Intermediate English Grammar Exercise 2
Intermediate English Grammar Exercise 3
Intermediate English Grammar Exercise 4
Intermediate English Grammar Exercise 5

Test of English Language : Combined Defence Services Examination

Test of English Language : Spotting errors

SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam Preparation

SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam | Active and Passive Voice Exercise 1
Active and passive voice Exercise 2

Reading comprehension

Reading comprehension Exercise 1
Reading comprehension Exercise 2
Reading comprehension Exercise 3

Word power

Sentence completion exercises

Sentence completion exercise
Sentence completion exercise 2
Sentence completion exercise 3
Sentence completion exercise 4
Sentence completion exercise for MBA
Sentence completion exercise for UPSC
Sentence completion exercise for UPSC 2

Language Comprehension: Management Aptitude Test

Language comprehension: Find the grammatically correct sentence
Indirect speech exercise
Sentence correction exercise
Sentence correction exercise 2
Sentence correction exercise 3
Sentence correction exercise 4
Passive voice exercise
Direct and indirect speech exercise

More worksheets for grade 5

Do and have grammar exercise
Is, am, are grammar exercise
Do, does, did exercise

See Also

Exclamations exercise
Exclamations: common errors
Common mistakes with pronouns - Part 2
Common errors with adjectives - part 1
Common errors with adjectives - part 2

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