Change Tense As Directed | Class 6 English Grammar Worksheets

Change tense as directed. This tenses worksheet is used for students of classes 5 and 6.

1. It is a busy Sunday. (Change into simple past)

2. I couldn’t believe my eyes. (Change into simple present)

3. I have bought some nice gifts for you. (Change into simple past)

4. She will arrive in the morning. (Change into simple past)

5. All mothers love their children. (Change into simple future)

6. I will take the apples back to the shop. (Change into simple past)

7. She recognized him at once. (Change into simple future)

8. She has promised to help me. (Change into past perfect)

9. I had left some photos to be developed. (Change into present perfect)

10. She didn’t like the idea. (Change into simple present)

11. I didn’t study physics at university. (Change into simple present)

12. Grandpa went for a walk every morning. (Change into simple present)

13. She earned 3000 rupees a week. (Change into simple present)

14. She wanted to be a doctor. (Change into simple present)


1. It was a busy Sunday.

2. I cannot believe my eyes.

3. I bought some nice gifts for you.

4. She arrived in the morning.

5. All mothers will love their children.

6. I took the apples back to the shop.

7. She will recognize him at once.

8. She promised to help me.

9. I have left some photos to be developed.

10. She doesn’t like the idea.

11. I don’t study physics at university.

12. Grandpa goes for a walk every morning.

13. She earns 3000 rupees a week.

14. She wants to be a doctor.

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