English Grammar - Table of Contents II

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English Grammar - Table of Contents II

Welcome to our section on English Grammar. This section provides a systematically organised account of the whole of English Grammar. The study materials are designed to benefit intermediate to advanced ESL/EFL learners.

Infinitives: forms
Infinitives without to
Infinitive with its own subject
For-structures after adjectives
For-structures after verbs
For-structures: other uses
Infinitive clauses of purpose
Verbs that can be followed by infinitives
Adjectives that can be followed by infinitives
Nouns that can be followed by infinitives
Negative structures

Participles: active and passive
Participle clauses

Nouns: formation of plurals

Expressions without prepositions
Prepositions at the end of clauses

Active and passive voice
Active and passive voice
Choice of passive structures
Passive verb forms
Verbs not used in the passive
Passives: agents
Passives: verbs with two objects
Passives: sentences with infinitive and clause objects
Passives: verbs with object and infinitive
Passives: object complements

The simple present tense
The present progressive tense
The present perfect tense
The present perfect progressive tense
Present tenses to talk about the future
The simple past tense
The past progressive tense
The past perfect tense
The past perfect progressive tense
Past verb forms with present or future meaning
The simple future tense
The future progressive tense
The future perfect tense

Personal pronouns
Personal pronouns


Direct and indirect speech
Direct and indirect speech
Rules for the change of pronouns
Reporting verb
Rules for the change of tenses
Rules for the change of adverbs
Reporting hopes, intentions and promises
Reporting orders, requests and advice
Reporting questions

Types of sentences
Sentence functions
Sentence agreement
Sentence agreement: plural subjects
Sentence agreement: collective nouns
Sentence agreement: indefinite pronouns

Adverb clauses
Adverb clauses
Kinds of adverb clauses
Kinds of adverb clauses - II

Adjective clauses
Adjective clauses
Relative clauses
Relative pronouns
Identifying relative clauses

Noun clauses
Noun clauses

Prepositional phrases
Verbal phrases
Participle phrases
Infinitive phrases
Gerund phrases

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