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We have got lots of English grammar exercises and worksheets for CBSE students of classes 4 to 10. Many of these worksheets are printable.

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CBSE Grammar Worksheets

Class 10 Grammar worksheets
Class 9 Grammar worksheets
Class 8 Grammar worksheets
Class 7 Grammar worksheets
Class 6 Grammar worksheets
Class 5 Grammar worksheets
Class 4 Grammar worksheets
Class 3 Grammar worksheets
Class 2 Grammar worksheets

More CBSE worksheets

CBSE Class 10 grammar worksheets
CBSE Class 9 grammar worksheets
CBSE Class 8 Grammar worksheets
CBSE Class 7 grammar worksheets
CBSE Class 6 grammar worksheets
CBSE Class 5 grammar worksheets
CBSE Class 4 grammar worksheets
CBSE Class 3 grammar worksheets
CBSE Class 2 grammar worksheets

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High school English grammar: Quick links

Phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs beginning with letter A
Phrasal verbs beginning with B
Phrasal verbs beginning with letter C
Phrasal verbs beginning with letter D
Phrasal verbs beginning with letter E
Phrasal verbs beginning with letter F

Interactive grammar exercises

Simple future or present continuous tense exercise
Present continuous or be going to
Passive voice exercise
Present, past and past participle forms
Present tense exercise
Relative pronouns
Present continuous tense exercise
Degrees of comparison
If clauses exercise
Tenses worksheet
Simple past or past participle worksheet
Such or so
Simple present tense exercise
As, though, although
Combine using relative pronouns

Phrasal verbs exercise

Phrasal verbs exercise 1
Phrasal verbs exercise 2
Phrasal verbs exercise 3
Phrasal verbs worksheet 4
Phrasal verbs worksheet 5
Phrasal verbs worksheet 6
Phrasal verbs exercise 7
Phrasal verbs with about
Phrasal verbs with bring
Phrasal verbs with break

Class X

Tenses worksheet for grade 10 CBSE
Tenses worksheets for CBSE
Tenses worksheets 3
Tenses exercise
CBSE class 10 English grammar - sentence completion exercise 1
Passive voice worksheet for class ten
Simple present or present continuous tense
CBSE class 10 English grammar - sentence completion exercise 2
Degrees of comparison exercises
Simple present tense worksheet
Using adjective clauses
Since or For
Using since and for: grammar exercise
Joining two sentences into a single compound sentence
Good or well
Which, what or who

Class 10 grammar worksheets

Edit the passage
Direct and indirect speech exercise
Grammar Practice Test 1
Grammar Practice Test 2
Adjective or adverb
Which, what or who
Good or well
Gap fills | CBSE class 10 English grammar
If-clauses exercise
Find the missing word
Infinitive or gerund
As, when and while
Not only/but also
Prepositions exercise
First conditional clauses exercise
CBSE Class X tenses worksheet
Rearrange words to make meaningful sentences
Tenses exercise
Simple past or past participle worksheet
Participles exercise
Passive voice exercise 1
Change affirmative sentence into negative sentence
If clauses exercise
Gap fills exercise


Not only...but also grammar exercise

Question tags

Question tags exercise

Comprehension exercises

Reading comprehension exercises with answers
English comprehension exercises

Precis writing

Precis writing examples

Vocabulary exercises

English vocabulary practice
General English exercise
Grammar and vocabulary exercise

Standard V

Articles worksheet 1
Articles worksheet 2
Kinds of sentences: grammar worksheet
Declarative, imperative, interrogative or exclamatory?
Change statements into questions
Change statements into questions 2
Frame answers
Simple present tense worksheet 1
Simple present tense worksheet for class V
Simple present tense worksheet 2
Present continuous tense worksheet
Answer in the affirmative and the negative

Class IV

And, but, or, because and so: grammar exercise
Present tense or past tense worksheet
Tenses worksheet
Words and phrases exercise
Phrases exercise

Class II

Has or have worksheet
Is, am or are worksheet

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Class 10 Grammar Worksheets

Class 9 Grammar Worksheets

Class 8 Grammar Worksheets

Class 7 Grammar Worksheets

Class 6 Grammar Worksheets

Class 5 Grammar Worksheets

Class 4 Grammar Worksheets

Class 3 Grammar Worksheets

Class 2 Grammar Worksheets

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