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Most popular lessons and exercises

New English Grammar Lessons

Phrasal verbs beginning with letter A
Adjectives ending in -ly
So that, in order that, in order to and so as to
Even as, even though, even if and even so
Transformation of complex sentences into compound sentences
Is 'get' acceptable in formal writing?
Is it correct to use object pronouns after as and than?
Commonly confused expressions in English
Commonly confused homophones
Difference between such and very
So as a conjunction
Using coordinating conjunctions
The conjunctions and, or and but
The conjunction nor
The conjunction yet
To as a preposition and an infinitive marker
Special structures used for comparing
Differences between simple past and present perfect tense
Correct use of the past perfect tense
10 English Grammar Tips
Past tense forms with present or future meaning
15 grammar terms you must know
Make your sentences clearer with parallel structures
Present perfect tense with definite time adverbs
Verbs that can be followed by infinitives

English speaking

Idioms and expressions with look
Idioms and expressions with mind
Idioms and expressions with lose
Idioms with leave
Idioms with wish
Phrasal verbs with go
What are phrasal verbs
Important phrasal verbs
Three word phrasal verbs separable phrasal verbs Asking for and giving directions
Talking about age, height and weight

Business Writing

How to write a letter of congratulation?
How to write a letter of greeting?
Job reference thank-you letter
How to format a formal letter?
How important are cover letters?
Cover letter writing and formatting tips
Are cover letters necessary?
Sample apology letter
Cover letter sample
Job acceptance letter sample
Sample employment letter with salary requirements
5 tips for effective business writing
Writing business letters
Compliment letter sample
Application letter sample
How to write an application letter?
How to write an advice letter?
Formal letter - Sample complaint letter
How to write a complaint letter
Different types of formal letters
Cover letter sample
Formal letter - Interview thank you letter sample
Formal letter - sample resignation letter
How to write an acceptance letter
How to write an effective cover letter
How to write a letter of enquiry
Formal letter writing basics
Standard phrases used in formal letters
Formal letter sample 3
Formal letter sample 4
Inquiry letter writing tips with sample letter
Business Letter writing Tips
How to write a business letter?
How to make a business English presentation
Standard business questions

Grammar worksheets

Tenses- lessons and exercises
Tenses exercise
Demonstrative pronouns exercises
Conjunctions exercise
Past perfect tense worksheet.htm Personal pronouns worksheet
Relative pronouns worksheet 2
Relative pronouns worksheet 3
Relative pronouns exercise
Prepositions exercise
Phrasal verbs worksheet
Adjectives worksheet
Present perfect tense worksheet 2
Present perfect or past tense worksheet
Simple present tense worksheet 2
Time adverbs worksheet
Whether or if worksheet
Simple past or present perfect tense worksheet
Tenses worksheet
Adverbs worksheet
Verbs worksheet

English Vocabulary: Common Differences

Difference between for and to New!
Look forward to and looking forward to New!
Difference between from somebody's point of view and in somebody's opinion
Difference between play and game

IELTS Practice

IELTS speaking test samples with answers
IELTS sample essay: should working couples share housework?
IELTS Model Essay

Richness is an important factor in helping people. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

IELTS essay introductions
How to make your IELTS essay more formal or academic?
How to prepare for the IELTS speaking test

English Idioms

Idioms and expressions with nose
Idioms and expressions with heart
Idioms and expressions with hand
Common Idioms and Phrases with Keep
Common Idioms and Phrases with Take
Idioms you must know
Sports idioms

English Writing

How to write an essay?
How to write a descriptive essay?
Phrases that you can omit
How to write concise sentences?
24 words or phrases you must avoid
How to vary and improve your sentences - part I
How to vary and improve your sentences - part II
Sentence connectors expressing a contrast
Discourse markers: nonetheless, however, even so, all the same, of course, if, still, certainly

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Example of Formal letter
Example of informal letter
Using as well as
Writing dates in English
Degrees of comparison
Kinds of adjectives
Countable nouns
Differences between American and British English
Verb patterns in English
Precis writing tips
One word substitutes
Direct and indirect speech


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